Education & The Arts … Developmental Prospects 2030

Third African and Middle East InSEA Regional Congress

The second AmeSea international conference

College of Education Forth International Conference ,6 of October university

Cairo April 2018

Under the care of

Dr. Tarek Shawky

Minister of Education and Vocational Education

Prof. Ahmed Attia Saada

6th October University and the President of the Conference

Prof. Saria  Abdel Razak Sedky

President of the Conference

Prof. Salah El-Din Khadr

Vice-President of the Conference

 Prof. Ahmed Hatem

Rapporteur of the Conference

Conference Registration

Presenters Registration

You can Register your Participation in conference using smart form, conference accept : Academic paper – Work paper- Poster presentation – Book review.

Please read carefully conference publishing rules before submit your participation. (Click here to read publishing rules)


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