Art Education Exhibition in partnership with the Fine Arts Sector

The exhibition seeks to use art as a supportive force for the development of higher levels of thinking skills, ideas of awareness, esthetics, critical thinking, knowledge of the arts and creative activities. Creating creative energies to develop non-traditional plastic solutions and formulations through the development of creative sympathizers, who transfer knowledge to new ideas that challenge, modify and add. This enhances the right side of the brain activating the interaction of sensory, creative and artistic communication experiences. Enhancing, the power of art manifested in the realization and development of the mind.

The exhibition will address contemporary issues, multi-dimensional themes and disciplines related to the real world to help pre-school children middle and high students create artworks related to life and work skills, engage in emotional and creative applications, and contribute to the development and quality of art education in the 21st century (art and mind development – green education, environmental sustainability – complementary approaches between art and other subjects – visual notation – art for students with special needs). Thus, presenting the multi-dimensional role of the arts as modes of understanding, communication, expression, visualization, imagination, adventure, discovery, practice, expression, production and creativity in the 21st century.

About 300 children aged between four and 15 years are participating in the exhibition, with the involvement of plastic art experts from the Faculty of Art Education, researchers, teachers and art education specialists with field application in formal institutions in pre-university education and non-formal institutions.

The exhibition will be held in Mahmoud Mokhtar Hall in Dokki in cooperation with the Fine Arts Sector at the Ministry of Culture.

Working Staff:
Prof. Mashera Mutawea Balboush, General Coordinator of exhibitions and art workshops
Dr. Taghreed Yahya, Member
Dr. Nahla Taoudros, Member
M/ Shaima Kazem, Member
A/ Ghada Abdel Moneim, Member
A/ Ghada Hussein Abdul Aziz, Member
A/ Rasha Ahmed Saad, Member
A/ Dalia Bahiri, Member
A/ Jihad Faraj Mohammed, Member



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