Ceramic workshops to train students / teachers on entrepreneurship
In partnership Faculty of Specific Education - Cairo University


In light of the rising unemployment and the deterioration of the standard of living, it is essential to qualify university students to establish innovative micro-enterprises and industries that enable them to rely on themselves financially as a start to self-support by creating productive jobs in their field of specialization.

Since the Faculty of Specific Education aims at graduating art education teachers who would be well trained as artists in various artistic fields. Since we are in the process of re-planning the college programs in the framework of the 21st century skills, and focusing on how the labor market is fundamentally changing the importance of developing work culture. This will enable student teachers not only to establish projects, but also to develop the ability to transfer the entrepreneurship skills to school students and community institutions. Therefore, the workshop aims at linking the curricula of the Faculty of Specific Education with work and life skills by training students on 21st century skills, such as planning, teamwork, initiative, effective communication and evaluation. Including the development of the artist's habits of the mind.

The workshop provides an educational model based on specific steps starting from the selection of products according to the market study requirements through questionnaires and field visits to the marketing industries and shops of the competing products. Conduct a simplified feasibility study on the cost of manufacturing and selling the product, starting from the design and implementation phases to the final product marketing stage.

The workshop is based on the continuous formative evaluation of the review and promotion of ideas and the solution of problems that will guide students during the work stages. The final stage focuses on self-assessment. Each student collects his or her observations in a research portfolio to assess the success of his or her experience and to share this experience along with the successes and difficulties encountered during implementation.


Project Management and Implementation:

Prof. Dr. Hala Razzaz - Faculty of Specific Education - Cairo University

Dr. Zineb Almchad - Faculty of Specific Education - Cairo University

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