Contemporary Art Exhibition
In partnership with the Fine Arts Sector

Workshop - Online women's workshop project
in partnership with the Fine Arts Sector


The workshop seeks to be a means of interaction between creative women and the local and international visual scene. Creative women are one of the pillars of activating change and development, and could potentially become creators of visual initiatives, technically transform the local and international scene. They can transgress geographical boundaries, visual indoctrination, academic academies and the strategies of cultural institutions. They can achieve this if they can find an interactive environment that guarantees them the opportunities for experimental adventure and affirmation of individuality, as well as the completion of cultural project. This workshop aims at enhancing the role of creative awareness through facts and concepts of visual practices, critical thinking, physical, emotional and social processes, awareness of the techniques, media, as well as the spatial environment.

The workshop invited a number of artists from different generations and countries with local, regional and international visual initiatives and contributions to participate through their previous experiences as a reflection of their creative awareness. They contributed through different dimensions online:

- Visual presentations
- Open meetings and dialogues
- Practical presentation
- Writing Online
- Interviews and recordings online with Egyptian icons in the field of fine arts adding serious contributions to the international scene, such as Zeinab Al-Sagini, Saria Sidky and Hoda Zaky.
- Professional documentation: photography, video, endoscopy, changing exhibition of the workshop projects, promo or documentary film, online surveys and questionnaires.
-Communication and transfer of experience and performance through the interactive interface on the site of electronic and social networking sites.
This was done in addition to the establishment of a workshop for young artists visiting the workshop online in cooperation with the Foundation "Candles for Culture and Arts", and the workshop was documented with the support of the Foundation which hosted the workshop for a month.

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