Dialogue (Colors Sonata) Workshop

In partnership with the Fine Arts Sector

6th of October Nile Schools Student Orchestra


The workshop seeks to interpret the world-wide audio music as a source of inspiration for visual artists who seek to transcend the language of the read (visual) form and restore and experiment what is automatic, spontaneous, and free from the real references, based on the understanding and awareness of the musical verses.

The workshop aims to support the ideas related to awareness, esthetics, critical thinking, knowledge of the arts and the launch of creative energies to create non-traditional plastic solutions and formulations using a wide range of contemporary technology for high school students in the Nile schools, 6th of October branch through:

- Discussions on a chapter of the book "The practice of vision (research)" to understand the image as a language and objective, and to understand the concept of reproduction and its role in changing the language of conceptual image.
- Presentation and discussion of the video of the first episode of the series "Ways of Vision" for the philosopher and the artist John Berger produced by the BBC in 1972.
- Presentation and discussion of the film "Andalusian Dog" and the work and ideas of Salvador Dali and surrealism.
- Presentation of video works by international and Egyptian artists.
- Each student practices the process of producing a one-minute video, which may concentrate on time, place, movement.


Management and implementation of the workshop artist: Ahmed Elshaer


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