Flags Workshop

in partnership with the Faculty of Art Education, Helwan University


This workshop seeks to develop the artistic concepts, skills and various plastic treatments necessary to create creative formulations and solutions to present the flags of different countries in the form of visual drawings and impressions. The students record the elements, shapes and colors that express the knowledge of each country using different techniques and methods. Employing them through different conceptual, aesthetic, technical and formative dimensions of works of art. These artworks are suitable for the opening ceremonies of the Conference.

Twenty children aged between 12 and 15 attended the workshop. Art education experts from the Faculty of Art Education directed this workshop. The team supervises the field application of the workshop and presents the artistic output within the activities of the conference at the 6th of October University.


Management and implementation of the workshop: Prof. Dr. Ayman Nabih Faculty of Art Education, Helwan University

Umniah Shaltout Faculty of Art Education,      Helwan University
Mona Moroccan Faculty of Art Education,       Helwan University
Hisham Faraj Faculty of Art Education,            Helwan University



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