Giza Zoo Murals Workshop

In partnership with the Faculty of Art Education, Helwan University

The project uses the study of art and education, as well as psychological and environmental experiences taught to the students of the Faculty of Art Education, Helwan University in the implementation of the field-training project for the Division of Art culture through the implementation of this interactive field project. The project’s objective of painting murals is to satisfy and create an esthetic response, based on the cognitive and conceptual abilities of the audience and at the same time promote aesthetic viewing, insert human values and educational goals to achieve joy as well as the acquisition of information and values associated with the art itself.

We carefully selected the students that will participate in the project for their competence and motivation through their ability to apply the concept of community partnership with institutions. We are proud of their participation and confidently gained their confidence in what they are learning and doing on the ground in a meaningful way.

This project has great benefits for the shareholders, the hosting institution and the masses who come to the zoo from different cultural and age groups. It was through true participation that we achieved the theoretical goals of environmental design and translated the environmental and cognitive concepts effectively and efficiently.


Management and implementation of the workshop: Dr. Taghreed Yahya, Faculty of Art Education, Helwan University

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