Handicrafts and creative industries workshop empowering women
in partnership with the Giza Governorate


The workshop aims to give women the professional skills to create handicrafts within the concept of creative industries and to have sufficient experience to start a small project. This would enable them to manufacture different artistic crafts in the framework of limited funding, rational handling of the environment resources and investment of its materials in creating handicrafts, to overcome their economic conditions, and raise their standard of living, thus solving their financial problems effectively and sustainably.

We train them in three aspects:

- Reviving artistic heritage and linking it to the requirements of modern day life.
- Creating contemporary designs for the artistic product.
- Developing marketing plans for the artistic crafts, pricing skills, packaging, final finishing, promotion and distribution of the final product, and activate marketing communication.

The workshop aims at inviting a group of girls and women who visit and communicate efficiently and effectively with the formal and informal institutions of the society interested in artistic handicrafts and creative industries to achieve three objectives:

- Building self-confidence by providing opportunities to exercise and improve technical and professional skills, develop performance and gain experience on a practical basis.
- Developing the women’s creative thinking, active participation and help them learn the work and achieve an understanding and application to develop the existing craft (artistic crafts related to the manufacture of bags)
- Linking education to real life resources on different levels and helping them to create suitable products for marketing.


Management and implementation of the workshop Dr. Mona Hamed Abdel-Samea - Director General of the Department of Political Communication - Giza Governorate
Workshop Trainer: Rasha Ahmed Saad - Art Education Specialist


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