Special Needs Workshops BRAVE - ART

In partnership with Al-Sahab Foundation for Art Therapy
Faculty of Specific Education in Alexandria


The special needs workshops, supervised by the "Al-Sahab" Foundation for Special Education and Art Therapy, aim to raise awareness of the importance of art therapy at the local, and international levels. "Al-Sahab" aims to achieve leadership in working with children with special needs in a scientific contemporary manner according to international standards. Dealing with visual, cognitive, academic, and kinetic and life skills for children with special needs, developing their ability to pay attention and focus, and training them to observe and imitate the visual, kinetic and functional synergy of their muscles, and develop their ability to use raw materials and media. In creating different expression in their art works reflecting their feelings and sometimes selling this work making each child proud of himself and his family proud of him, and feeling that his work is valuable and that he has a role in life through the establishment of this art exhibition.

The workshops started on October 1, 2017 and last until mid-March. The workshops targeted children with special needs between the ages of 4 to 10 with simple and intermediate autism, down syndrome, children with chronic diseases and Mediterranean anemia patients, as well as children with ADHD.

There were three workshops:

- Abstract painting workshop in acrylic colors on canvas
- Environmental raw materials workshop
- Colored paper workshop to develop the skills of fine muscle and increase the vocabulary


Planning and implementing the workshops:

- Create a file of the child's status, which includes reports and previous tests of the child before his arrival of the institution.
- Diagnosis and evaluation of the child's current situation.
- Developing an art therapy program for the child.

- Design of progressive artistic activities that achieves the objectives of the program.
- Evaluating the child's performance after each session and follow up on his progress.
- Application of the program through periodic one-hour session's duration.
- Provision of raw materials required for the program art activities.

- Preparation of the art activity place (art therapy room at the Foundation)
- Producing artistic works characterized by spontaneity, expression for the expedition.
- Final evaluation of the child's development at the end of the program based on the formative evaluation after each session.
- Documenting the developmental stages during the program with the approval of the guardian for documentation and follow-up.
- Documenting works through photographs and video.

Faculty of Art Education, Helwan University, faculty members of the Faculty of Specific Education, Alexandria University, researchers, clinical psychologists, early intervention and skills development specialists, and speech specialists, contributed to these workshops. Supervising the application in "Al-Sahab Foundation for Special Education and Art Therapy".

Workshop team:

Dr. Iman Kamel, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Sahab Foundation for Art therapy.
Dr. Sanaa Al-Sharif Technical supervision.
Dr. Mona Galal Al - Sayyad Technical Supervision.
Prof. Hossam El Gamal Clinical psychologist.
Shaimaa Alaeddin Specialist in Early Intervention and Skills Development.
Prof. Hanan Jaber Speech Specialist.
A. Alaa Ibrahim Specialist in Art Education.


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