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InSEA is a non-governmental organization official partner of UNESCO,it was founded in an optimistic spirit of hope that followed the dismal years of conflict during World War II.  At UNESCO’s first and second conferences, held in 1946 and 1947, resolutions were adopted to inquire into art education, and in 1948, Dr. Herbert Read (1893-1968) was appointed as chair InSEA’s constitution was formally adopted in Paris in July 1954 with Edwin Ziegfeld as the first President.  The mission of InSEA was:

Advocacy, networking and the advancement of research in art education. InSEA has as its main purposes the encouragement and advancement of creative education through arts and crafts in all countries and the promotion of its international understanding.

InSEA Representative in the UNESCO NGOs commission is Marie- Françoise Chavannes.

InSEA members are encouraged to meet with their UNESCO representatives about arts education ideas and initiatives and to engage with other UNESCO policies whenever possible. An example of these initiatives is participation in the International Arts Education Week.Following the success of the Second World Conference on Arts Education (Seoul, 2010), the UNESCO’s General Conference at its 36th session in 2011 proclaimed the 4th week of May as the International Arts Education Week. The International Arts Education Week aims at increasing the international community’s awareness on the importance of arts education and at reinforcing its cooperation by promoting cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue and social cohesion.


An active office of the International Society for Education through Art (InSEA). The Amesea society founded in 2014 with the vision of an enlightened, active and experts of art educators in Africa and the Middle East.


The mission of Amesea is:

launching its website (amesea.org). In the first 6 months of its launching, the number of visitors was 5000, the biggest number of visitors were from, Egypt, USA, and Saudi Arabia.

launching the Amesea Egyptian scientific journal in 2014. The first issue published in January 2015 and continued in its
quarterly publications until the present day. It published scientific and educational research in the field of arts and art education in Arabic and English from all over the Arab world. The Journal is presented in paper and electronic with 2 electronic publishers Ebesco and Al mAmzoma. The Journal received the highest degree awarded to specialized scientific journals for their importance, by the Supreme Council of Universities, for its excellence in the research, information and support of researchers and scholars.

Organizing Amesea s first international conference in cooperation with the University of Sixth of October in March 2015, which received a great appreciation in the artistic and academic circles. The conference held many events of creative workshops and exhibitions and honor of a pioneer leader in art education Mahmoud El Bassiouni, as well as parallel talks for the international delegates of UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman to activate communication to achieve the objectives of Arts education.

Adopting the UNESCO Arts Education Week 22-28/5/2017 encouraging several universities and organizations to support us including two Ministries and National Councils, eight universities, seven museums and palaces of culture, 18 Libraries and art centers and 4 NGOs.

Selecting the Amesea Bing to represent Egypt in the second NEPAD Regional Conference on Arts Education in Africa for the Northern and Eastern Africa. Aiming to develop an advocacy position that informs a policy framework for the formulation, strengthening and harmonizing of Arts Education and Training policies in Africa. The Amesea aims to bring together specialists from the Arab and African worlds to develop strategies and plans to support art education objectives.

Amesea considers itself as the third vital link in the art education process in Egypt and the Arab and African world and its interaction with specialized departments and international conferences.

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