Exhibitions and Art Workshops

Exhibitions and Art Workshops parallel to

Third African & Middle East inSEA regional congress
the Second AMESEA Conference Egypt

4th conformance for faculty of education 6 of October University

Education and the Arts: Developmental Prospects for 2030

An introduction by Prof. Mashaa Mutawa Balboush

 Coordinator Committee of Exhibitions and Art Workshops


The 3rd  Africa and Middle East InSEA Regional Congress  “Education and the Arts …. prospects for development 2030” is a response to many challenges and changes in the field of education in general and arts education in particular, and a reflection of a global vision of education and development, equitable and inclusive approach to lifelong learning opportunities.

I am proud and honored to be a general facilitator and chairperson of the exhibitions and workshops committee parallel to the conference, with the candid nomination and support of Dr. Saria Sidky, as well as the support of the work team, which I thank for their dedicated voluntary work that reflects their strong belief in the role of art in education. In addition, they have devoted their time, effort and experience to achieve these exhibitions and art workshops

( Dr\ Ahmed hatem – Dr\ Dina Adel – Dr\ Amal Mostfa -Dr\ Ayman Nabeh – Dr\ Sahar Khalel ).

Such artistic events are real opportunities to increase exhibition space, competition, experimentation, technical interaction, exchange of experiences and raise awareness of the role of cultural and educational art by encouraging artists and children creators to present their unconventional ideas and creative experiences out of the desire to communicate. It is an effective, intellectual, cultural, and artistic path of open dialogue between artists of all ages, both at the creative level and through direct contact in art workshops.

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