Publishing Rules

Registration dates

  • From now until December 1. Early registration
  • From December 2 until January 31 recording
  • From 1 February to 1 March late registration

Type of participation early subscription

  •  From now until 1 December 2017 subscription
  • From 2 December to 31 January 2018 Late subscription
  • From 1 February to 1 March 2018

Registration Steps

Step 1: Submit research and summaries by  online Registration form Presenters Registration For Page

Step 2: After acceptance of the abstract, an email will be sent to confirm the acceptance of the subject within two weeks after the date of submission of the abstract

Step 3: The participant will send the full search and attached a copy of the subscription fee transfer receipt


– The subscription value is calculated from the date of transfer according to the above schedul

– Joint Research The fees are paid to the participants. The arbitration fee is paid once and deducted from the rest of the participants

– The subscription fees will be transferred to the account of AmeSea Egypt (Bank Misr):

          Banque Misr, Alroudha branch

           58 Manyal st., Cairo, Egypt

           Account number : 1290001000089844

            Swift: BMISEGCXXXX

– Discounts are offered to members of Asia and Asia

– Discount 200 LE for members of AmeSea

– $ 20 discount for Lancia members

– Special discount $ 20 for researchers (Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Palestine)

– 50% discount (from the value of working paper fees) for teachers to present creative experiences in the teaching of art education


Rules for publishing the conference:

  • The Conference welcomes researchers from all over Egypt, the Arab world and different nations, and we thank them for their contributions.
  • The full conference papers will be printed in a special edition of the scientific journal of the Amesia Society.
  • The research submitted to the conference shall meet the requirements of scientific research in terms of surveying, addition of knowledge, methodology, documentation, language integrity and accuracy of expression.
  • The research should be specific to the conference, and it should not be published or submitted to any other publishing authority. There is no objection to the research being part of an unpublished scientific thesis.
  • Writing using MS Word and Times New Roman is 14K for Arabic, 12 for English and 12 for one sheet of paper A4 and 3N) For margins on each side, images must be clear.
  • The research should be sent to the conference from three printed copies, with a summary in Arabic and English as an important condition, in no more than 20 pages, in addition to a copy on CD.
  • Writing on a separate paper the title of the research in Arabic and English and the name of the researcher and his scientific description under the title of the research directly and may not write the name of the researcher inside the research.
  • The arbitrator of the research arbitrators and the researcher is obliged to pay the financial expenses resulting from the arbitration and publication procedures, according to what is announced on the site of the Conference and in accordance with the deadlines.
  • When you increase the number of search pages for 20 sheets are collected LE 10 for Egyptians or $ 3 for non-Egyptians for each extra page.
  • The special issue of the scientific journal of the association will be presented for 100 Egyptian pounds or 10 dollars for non-Egyptians per copy.
  • The decision of the editorial board to authorize publication of the research or apology for not publishing it permanently, and the editorial board reserves the right not to give reasons.
  • The researcher is obliged to make the amendments requested by the arbitrators if the decision of the editorial board to authorize the publication of the research is conditional.
  • Unauthorized research is not returned to the owners.
  • The papers published in the conference reflect the views of their owners.
  • The researcher receives a statement that his research is acceptable for publication until publication.
  • The researcher receives a certificate of discussion and discussion (in the case of presentation and discussion research within the research discussion seminars).
  • The researcher receives (3) copies of the research + a copy of the conference book containing abstracts of research in addition to a CD containing all the research completed.
  • In the case of the postar research, an explanation of the experiment, its objectives and its results will be sent in a documented scientific research context as well as the poster image.
  • In the event of participation in a working paper, the whole subject will be sent.
  • The research is published on the website of
  • Research and correspondence should be sent to the conference at:
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